We are manufacturer and suppliers of Hospital Bed Accessories including Mattress for Hospital Beds, Anti-decubitus Mattress, Collapsible Side Railings, Up & Down Sliding Side Railing, Mosquito Net Poles and I.V. Rod for Hospital Bed Hospital Bed Accessories Manufacturer
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BIO offer a wide range of hospital bed accessories that provides the comfort and the safety for the patients. Our range hospital bed accessories include mattresses for hospital bed, collapsible side railings, mosquito net poles, Rod for Hospital Bed and more.


Mattress for Hospital Beds

Code : BIO(HOSP)-510
Description :10CMS thick, 32/40 density foam mattress covered with rexine closed with zip at one end.
A - Single Mattress for plain beds.
B - Two section mattress for Semi-Fowler beds
C - Four section mattress for Fowler/I.C.U. Beds.

Anti-decubitus Mattress (Lattice style)

Code : BIO(HOSP) -> 510A
Description :
-> This air mattress is specially made for short-term patients.
-> It is very effective in preventing decubitus, and its maintenance is easy because the mattress is composed of cells.
-> It is simple in structure and easy in operation.

Collapsible Side Railings

Code : BIO(HOSP) -> 513A
Description : Made of Aluminium tubes.

Up & Down Sliding Side Railing (Epoxy Powder Coated)

Code : BIO -> 513B
Description : M.S. Tubular construction. Two S.S. Rods of slide Inside MS. Bushes, lockable with knob pre treated.

Mosquito Net Poles

Code : BIO(HOSP) - 564
Description : Four vertical M.S. Tubes of 19mm., Two longitudinal & Two transverse tubes of 15.8mm Knocked down condition.
Pre-treated and Epoxy Powder Coated.

I.V. Rod for Hospital Bed

Code : BIO(HOSP) -> 513C
Description : Telescopic type adjustable S.S.I.V. Rod, Located with Knob.
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