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 Hydraulic Operating Table

Hydraulic Operating Tables are designed to provide accurate positioning with an easy mechanical operation. These tables are ideal for use in all the major surgical procedures that requires precision. The table is adjusted with the help of heavy duty leak-proof hydraulic pump concealed in stainless steel covered chamber.Hydraulic operating cylinders are also avaliable in different models based on the requirements of our clients.


Hydraulic Operation Table

Code : BIO(HOSP) - 586
Standard Accessories :
A)Pelvic Rest in 3 Sizes.
B)Pelvic Support (Radio-translucent)
C)Inner Thigh Support (Radio-translucent)
D)Foot Plate with Ortho shoes
E)Tibia Attachment
F)Hand Surgery Table (radio-translucent)
G)Hand Traction Device (Humerus Positioning)
H)Spl. Head Rest for shoulder Surgery
I)Steinmen Pin Holding Clamp
Optional Accessories
Spinal Frame with Head Support
Note: Orthopedic attachment is compatible to all JINDAL C-Arm tables

Technical Data :

Overall length 192 cm
Width over side railing

57 cm


30-> Min

40-> Max

Lift 10 inches

Optional Accessories :
-> Trendlenburg & Reverse Trendlenburg : 250
-> Lateral tilt : Both sides 220
-> Head section detachable : 900 Up
-> Leg section : 900 Down (manual)
-> Flex/Reflex : 300 /2200

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