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BMS Fume hood is designed to meet the requirements of the laboratory. It is an aerodynamic floor mounted design manufactured with latest forward thinking approach. The exterior is made of SS 304 grade 18 Gauge 1.2 mm thick & the interior is made of corrosion resistant SS 316 grade 18 gauge 1.2 mm thick. The work top is single sheet of ceramic top of 18 mm thickness having resistance from chemicals including alkali, acid resistance, splash & spill resistance.



Code : BMS-1989FH
Technical Data:
• Overall Dimensions with base cabinet : 1500 mm W X 900 mm D X 2400 mm H.
• Fume Hood dimensions : 1500 mm W X 900 mm D X 1700 mm H.
• Base Cabinet (Divided in two parts) dimensions for each part : 700mmW X 660mmD X 540mmH
• Inside fume hood working volume: 1220mmW X 650mmD X 1150mmH
• Bed Size: 1220mmW X 650mmD
• Active Kinetics Exhaust System: For light, normal & heavy fumes
• Airfoil: Aerodynamic design, horizontal fixed airfoil
• Sink & Water Tap: Work-top has sink 100X200mm, water tap with drain arrangement & with required plumbing connection to nearby fresh water source
• Electric Wires (Make: Polycab): To connect from nearby source to hood & from hood to motor
• Wet & Dry Service Valves: Remotely operated colour coded Brass Needle valves, 1 for raw water (PU), for vacuum (Teflon), 1 for compressed air(Teflon) valves Make : Water Saver
• Maintenance Ports: Open able top panel for easy maintenance of tube light & flow control valve
• Lighting: LED Light with vapour-proof fitting for proper illumination
• Electrical Utilities: “Fire Retardant Polymer” grade cables & wires, 6 Nos. Of electrical sockets (230V, 6/16A, 50Hz) Sockets Make : NORTHWEST
• Chemical Storage Base Cabinet: Base cabinet is made of SS 304 grade sheet (Min 1.2mm thickness) sheet, exhaust ports connected to the fume hood exhaust system internally. Base cabinet is easily removable for servicing purpose.
• Apparatus Holding Grid: A grid (made from SS304) to hold the apparatus
• Hardware & Hinges: Of Hettich make
• Exhaust Port: Fumes are exhausted smoothly without any turbulence at the exhaust port
• Noise level : <80dB at 1 mtr from Fume Hood
• Centrifugal Blower (2HP): Silent, high efficiency remote blower, consisting of continuous rating motor & chemical resistant impeller. Motor is of CROMPTON make. There is a single outlet for two fume hoods. There is no contamination between the connected hoods & this is designed to work for two hoods.
• Ducting: Chemical resistant rigid & flexible duct-work from Fume Hood to exhaust stack point with weather-proof canopy. The outlet of exhaust (ducting) is extendable as per the space & site requirement for the release of exhausted air.
• Material: Inside polypropylene (3mm) & outside fire retardant polymer (2mm)
• The instrument is designed to operate on 220V Single Phase AC Supply.
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